Thursday, January 19, 2006


I would just like to point out that I didn't go to the concert this year, and I did not feel guilty. I guess I actually have learned something.


December 16, 2003

This is where I apologize for not writing, but realize most of the people that look at this talk to me almost everyday and therefore do not feel as bad.

I didn't go to the choir concert tonight. I feel guilty. So does V. That's the power that Ms. H still holds over us. I think it might be the first Christmas concert I've missed since I graduated, but I just decided I'd rather spend time with my family. It would have been great to see who was there, but then I thought about all the people I'd see that I wouldn't know. If we could have something like a choir reunion, that would be awesome. Now, I know that all you non-choir people out there are thinking I'm a super nerd or something, but I'm not. For the most part, band people understand, so I won't address them. However, for the rest of you, the popular people can picture something akin to getting together with all those people you pretended to like because it gained you popularity and years later realize that all you have left is a great lesson in how to have superficial relationships and make them and yourself seem real for years on end. Except, for us choir nerds, the friendships were almost always genuine. (Apologies to the popular people. Sometimes the pent up aggression is just too much for me to hold in.) I'm going to move on from choir now because I'm just trying to make myself feel better. I've finally learned to do what I want. Now if I could just not beat myself up over it.

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LaLaLaLaLoLa said...

I didn't go either and I didn't feel guilty. Does this mean we're growing up? Or does it mean that maybe since we haven't seen the ol' Queen Bee in so long that her power over us is weakening?