Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Morning Sickness

Well, as usual, I have been very bad at actually writing in this blog. I have being feeling very under the weather for the last few weeks. Add to that that Collin will be leaving soon, and, well, I couldn't come up with anything decent to say on here besides complaining.

I've decided to spend this week cross-stitching. Is it weird that Collin hasn't left yet and I already feel lonely? Being pregnant is creating very mixed feelings. I really don't feel like having anyone around. I can't eat normal meals. I don't feel like cleaning the house. I just want to sit on the couch until I feel like a semi-normal person again. But the hormones combined with not feeling like myself is making me worried about being alone.

I guess all of this is compiled on top of visiting Eastgate while we were on leave. It's always weird to go back somewhere that used to be my second home and feel like a "visitor." I try to be good at keeping friends when I move, but I feel like I'm not doing something right. Okay, I'm going to stop rambling and go back to my cross-stitch. If you're the praying type, pray for me to find a church home in Jacksonville. I need it now more than ever.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I think Collin might be pregnant. He ate cantaloupe mixed with mint chocolate chip ice cream the other day. Eww.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Thoughts on Thermometers

Oh, the things you learn when registering for babies. Luckily, I worked at Toys R Us for three years, and baby registries were part of my job. So I know that baby registries aren't all fun and games, baby needs things like nail clippers and thermometers, too. So I'm scanning thermometers, a "normal" one for under six months (you know where that goes...eww) and an ear one for over six months (I can't believe how cheap these things are now!). Then to my surprise I notice a new thermometer, a pacifier thermometer. It's a pacifier with a little digital read out on the front - genius!

So I scanned it and pointed out the genius to Collin who said, "But it takes 90 seconds."

I replied, "Yes, but it doesn't have to be stuck up our babies butt!"

"I don't know," Collin continued. "90 seconds seems like a long time."

So I flip over the rectal thermometer for the read-out time..."60 seconds," I announce.

"60 seconds!" Collin says incredulously.

Suddenly 90 seconds with a pacifier didn't seem so bad.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cravings and Aversions

Well, today is Sunday. Sunday is always a crappy day because that means we have to go to a church. I emphasize a church because we have yet to really know which one is ours. This is the rough spot in what is otherwise a very happy and harmonious relationship. The only church Collin and I have ever agreed on is Eastgate. Every church we visit we over-analyze. Collin goes in on the doctrine and theology; I start on the worship and atmosphere, and by the time we're done, no church works for us as a couple. It is beyond frustrating. And to be facing a deployment and a pregnancy with no church home is just downright scary for me.

In other news, the whole "morning" sickness thing is kicking into high gear. Everything makes me queasy from morning til evening. The stew that I ate last night now makes me feel ill even if I just smell it on Collin's breath. Cantaloupe is the only food that is always good to me right now, and every night comes a craving for an appetiser sampler from somewhere like Fridays or Applebees or a brownie sundae...or both. Ahh...the joys of mother-to-behood.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Day 23 - Nursery Day

Collin and I are trying to get as much done as possible, since he's leaving soon. So that means that things that normally wouldn't be done yet are being done. Is it bad that I already have three baby registries set up? Here's the thing, it's a work in progress. I add stuff I want or need now, so that I have the next eight months to research the products and shop around. If you're going to check out a registry, I suggest the Target one. It's got all the fun stuff on it. The nursery is going to be Classic Pooh.

So today is painting day. Unfortunately, all the research I've done says that I should avoid paint fumes, so I can't help. :-( But I did help prepare the room. We've got a really cute Pooh border to go halfway up the wall. The top half of the wall will be blue and the bottom half will be sage green. It's going to be super cute!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Day 22 - Exercise Makes Me Wanna Puke

The way I knew I was probably still pregnant even after the stupid clinic told me I wasn't is that down dog made me want to throw up all over my yoga mat (I never did, by the way).

Last night was Dining Out. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a formal dinner where a bunch of Naval officers shoot silly string and water guns at each other. And drinking, of course. I am becoming well acquainted with sparkling apple juice. I think sparkling grape juice is my preference, but it's been a while since those middle school New Year's parties with plastic champagne glasses. Here's how crazy pregnancy is...I bought a really pretty party dress for the dining out about two weeks ago. Last night, it barely fit and made me nauseated. But I've only gained a pound. Go figure.

Well, I must go eat an orange now.