Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cravings and Aversions

Well, today is Sunday. Sunday is always a crappy day because that means we have to go to a church. I emphasize a church because we have yet to really know which one is ours. This is the rough spot in what is otherwise a very happy and harmonious relationship. The only church Collin and I have ever agreed on is Eastgate. Every church we visit we over-analyze. Collin goes in on the doctrine and theology; I start on the worship and atmosphere, and by the time we're done, no church works for us as a couple. It is beyond frustrating. And to be facing a deployment and a pregnancy with no church home is just downright scary for me.

In other news, the whole "morning" sickness thing is kicking into high gear. Everything makes me queasy from morning til evening. The stew that I ate last night now makes me feel ill even if I just smell it on Collin's breath. Cantaloupe is the only food that is always good to me right now, and every night comes a craving for an appetiser sampler from somewhere like Fridays or Applebees or a brownie sundae...or both. Ahh...the joys of mother-to-behood.


Val said...

Do you have a Sams Club membership? Because they sell the Friday's Appetizers in bulk. Might be something you would want to keep on hand, although I'm sure it tastes better if Colin gets it for you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

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