Thursday, October 02, 2008

Things They Don't Tell You Part 1

I should be preparing my brussel sprouts for dinner tonight, but I'm not. Here's some advice for the preggos out there that I wish someone had told me. If you are breastfeeding and you plan to pump at all, even just once a week, shell out the money for the Medela Pump in Style. Honestly, if I knew for a fact it would work better, I would go buy one right now. But here's the deal (in easy to read bullet points for your convienence):
  • Even if you are a SAHM and are just building up a milk bank for back up, etc., sitting and pumping for 30 minutes to get an average of 1.25 oz (yes, you read that right) is no fun.
  • And guess what? 30 minutes is hard to find when you are at home with a baby who actually nurses all the time. Double pumping = half the time.
  • Studies have shown that double pumping increases prolactin levels meaning pumping is more productive and does a better job of boosting your milk supply.
So if you're picking out a pump and you are committed to breastfeeding, please do yourself a favor and get the good one. Then, unlike me, you will be less likely to find yourself crying over spilled milk when one of your storage bags leaks.

This bottle represents 30 minutes of my life. It is not even half of a feeding.


Valerie said...

Can I just say this one more time? I am so glad you had a baby for me. :-)

Hollind said...

You are so right! With the next one I'm getting a Medela pump!